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Grievance Cell

You can write to us at

  • Any Member of Association having a complaint against any customer/Agent /sub agent/ Individual regarding his payment default will complaint to the secretary of association, who is also the head of the Grievance Cell, in writing with all details like outstanding amount, bounced cheque copy etc. or any other proof of default.

  • Grievance Cell further will enquire from other members on this customer / sub agent etc. regarding any case of other defaults etc. and also the concern of the agent who is presently doing business with the customer/sub agent.

  • The Grievance Cell will seek an explanation from the said Defaulter .

  • The Defaulter can be blacklisted by executive committee in next meeting .In case of Court Case, Cheque bounce , more than twodefaults the party can be blacklisted without any explanation.

  • Based on the information a caution circular will be issued to all the members of association to be careful in further dealing with the defaulter .

  • Efforts will be made to in form the Airlines and seek their assistance in recovery from these defaulters.

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